On demand Webinars

Government Cyber Security Strategy: will it make the public sector safer?


Hear from David Lovell from the Government Security Group at Cabinet Office, Steven Furnell, professor of cyber security, Nottingham University, and Jack Chapman, VP of Threat Intelligence at Egress, reflect on whether the policy document sets the right targets and the right course to reach the strategy's goals

Meeting government's biggest modernisation challenges


Part II of a webinar series in which PublicTechnology, SAP Concur and our panel of public sector experts discuss progress to date on government reform and how the challenges facing transformation objectives can be met going forward

CDOs reflect on the challenges to building a data-driven culture in government


In this webinar, in partnership with Deloitte, we brought together senior public technology leaders from the UK and abroad who have introduced a data-driven culture in their organisations to explore the dos and don’ts of getting it right.

Watch: Webinar sheds light on government’s ambitions for its future workplace


A panel of public sector experts examine the major issues that will shape how civil servants work for years to come

Watch on demand: Webinar looks at best practice to prevent and resolve cyber attacks


This webinar, sponsored by Avast Business, takes a closer look at human-layered security, analysing the role that people, processes and technology play in tackling cyber threats

Watch on demand - View from the top: How to empower people to stop phishing attacks


With cybercrime on the rise across the public sector, questions of how to mitigate the risks are essential. Our discussion with leading cyber experts empowers you to improve your cybersecurity

Watch on Demand: Rewiring Government - How to achieve public sector transformation post covid


Listen to the conversation, which discusses how both central and local government responded to the challenge COVID-19, and how it plans build on this progress

Watch on demand — Civil service: will automation free up your creativity?


Watch the 8 December discussion, which goes in-depth about automation in the public sector and the implications that can have on your work

Watch on demand — Beyond compliance training: How to realise the potential of e-learning in the public sector


The approach to training and development at work has changed dramatically in recent years. As the public sector has become more flexible, with working from home becoming a common fixture. Is it now time organisations realise the capabilities of e-learning? 

Webinar: What can the rest of government learn from DWP’s mammoth mainframe migration?


Watch our discussion in partnership with Oracle, to learn about the significant restructuring in the DWP and the benfits this conveyed to its operation 

Webinar: Cashless citizens – are public sector services reaping the benefits of modern online payments?


Watch our discussion in partnership with Adyen, to learn about how payments can revolutionise the UK public sector and its services 

Webinar: Data in the public sector – security and stewardship in 2021 and beyond


Register on demand to watch discussion, hosted alongside Egress, in which central government and industry experts discuss challenges and security considerations in public sector's use of data