The real (and rising) risk of phishing

Phishing continues to dominate the cybersecurity agenda. Attacks are constantly evolving, and employees and organizations fall victim to sophisticated threats daily. 

While organisations have rapidly matured security and controls for their network and application layers, their human layers – their people – urgently require better defences to detect and mitigate email-borne threats.

This report by Egress analyses the key findings from the latest Insider Data Breach Survey to show the real – and rising – risk of phishing. The report also examines the primary causes behind phishing attacks, incident detection and reporting mechanisms, and the human cost this is taking.

Successful phishing attacks are never without victims and consequences. This report features quotes from IT leaders and employees that share their real-world experiences when falling for and remediating phishing attacks. Read on to find out more about the causes and costs of phishing attacks, and how to defend your human layer.

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